Attn: Reflexology Students / Practitioners, Complimentary and Holistic Healthcare Professionals


You're About To Be Shown

The Secrets Of Reflexology...


"It's One Of The Most

Financially Rewarding...Pleasantly Relaxing...

& Highly Respected Holistic Health Professions"



Learn how to harness the power of reflexology through demonstrated techniques to help people feel better AND make money doing it!


Let's begin at the beginning...




The origins of Reflexology reach back to ancient Egypt Reflexology is a natural healing science used by applying pressure to minute points in the feet, which creates a stimulating effect in corresponding areas throughout the whole body.


Reflexology is a simple, effective, natural way to help overcome many common illnesses and ailments and enjoy a life of better health. 


Reflexology is a science, which deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands, which correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. 


Stimulating these reflexes properly can help address many health problems in a natural way, as a type of preventative maintenance.  Reflexology is a serious advance in the health field and should not be confused with massage.


With Reflexology,

only the hands are used,

making it a safe, simple,

yet effective

method without the use of gadgets.



Let your fingers do the walking

for greater

health and wealth!


From Wendy Coad, Miami Beach, FL

Tuesday, 8:30 am


To get us started, I want to ask you, as a reflexology student or someone who is interested in studying reflexology, the following questions. (And if you're already a practicing professional, see the questions further below!)





"I am amazed at the effect of reflexology on everyone  who received the treatment. The response isn't sleepiness, it downshifting to levels that were not reached working the feet. The clients zone out whether they want to or not, but all really like the effect.  I covet this relaxation myself and plan to exchange with some of the ladies in the class.  Thanks again."


~ Paula R.

(certified reflexologist 10 years in practice) 



If you don't yet have your own income-producing business...

  • Have you always been fascinated by a relaxing holistic health practice?
  • Have you ever pictured yourself involved in such a highly respected career?
  • Have you been looking for a new career that you could train for right at home, in your spare time, at your own pace... without having to interfere with your present income?
  • A career that will allow you to earn a really good income... while allowing you to help your family, friends, and loved ones at the same time?
  • Will you enjoy switching from your current unfulfilling job to a part- or full time professional career in reflexology / holistic health?
  • Are you tired of the frustrations of living on a limited income... and have you been looking for a way out of that trap?
  • Will you enjoy an occupation with limitless income... one that will allow you to earn as much as you are actually capable of?


If you are already a Health Care or Beauty Professional who is seeking new skills and a much higher income...


  • Do you have ALL the customers, or clients, that you Desire?
  • Have you been thinking of adding Reflexology to your menu of service offerings?
  • Have you been desiring to learn more about Reflexology?
  • Have you been thinking of growing from a part-time practice to a full-time career in holistic health?
  • Have you been desiring ways to add more clients to your practice?
  • Have you been trying to think of new ways to take care of and hold on to your existing clients?
  • Would you enjoy growing —or building — a new, or complementary, practice?
  • Would you like to make your business much more profitable?
  • Have you been waiting until you could find real professional Reflexology training?




If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you...

You have discovered

your solution.



Even if you have NO previous bodywork experience...

Or if you're already a Reflexologist, Nurse, Podiatrist, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist, Esthetician, Nutritionist, Bodyworker, etc...

AND you're interested in techniques that:



are requested and well-loved for stress relief and health maintenance.

are easy to give and the most relaxing to receive.

requires no costly equipment.

are a joy to experience for both the giver and the receiver.


requires no disrobing for the receiver.

provide career advancement opportunities.


can generate new income by attracting new clients OR offering more to your current clients.


"Hey, Wendy at Vital Energy Source. I just got finished with my 3rd new client this week, my 5th client of the week, and I'm going to have 6 this week, so I'm doing really well. But I called to tell you that this woman said "do you go in hard?" and I explained to her something about the technique and she said I've been looking all over, I travel all over and I always have my feet done... and you''e it! And it really does feel like it's that technique has made such a difference, you know the technique we talked about last time I saw you. Anyway, I'm very excited and I thought I would share my excitement with you because I feel very successful."


~ Susan L., NYC


Imagine Your Future...


What do you see when you look at your future now? That is, if you don't do anything different but simply continue doing what you've already done, where will you be? It's likely you'll have the same type of living environment, the same kind of car, be wearing the same kind of clothes and doing the same kind of work with the same kind of results — by definition, you'll end up in the same place where you already are!


However, if you changed just one, if you invested in your education, you learned a new skill, you started your own business...just ONE of these could make a HUGE impact on your new future!


Now consider what could happen if you changed more one thing... what if you not only invested in yourself, learned a new skill, opened a successful practice AND learned how to enjoy that, what does your future life look like now? You're less stressed, you're enjoying your work, you have more time off with your friends and loved ones, you know that you're helping other people feel good, you are in control of your financial destiny... literally, YOU fill in the blanks here because it's all about what you want!


How to Get "There" from "Here"


Successful entrepreneurs and investment advisors will tell you that all you need is what they call a "vehicle".  What they mean by a "vehicle" is a proven business or a proven income generating occupation... that by following it will literally take you out of the first group of people and deliver you directly into the high income lifestyle of the second group of people.


That's why it's called a "vehicle!"


Some people search their entire lives to find this "vehicle" that will cause them to become prosperous... and they never find it. Or if they do find it... they never take advantage, and actually pursue it.


Most prosperous people will tell you that it was a "vehicle" that originally got them to that point.


When you ask an already prosperous person for advice on how to get where they are, they will tell you to... find an income producing "vehicle".


You Can Relax Now Because...





We call it...

 Practicing Reflexology




And getting into it is not only easy but it's also

the biggest bargain you can imagine to get into a new career!






Meet Your Instructor

The Reflexology Professor  


Instructor Wendy Coad, LMT, NCTMB, RPP, NBCR has a degree in Education and a Masters of Fine Arts. She has been a Holistic Health Practitioner and Bodyworker for the past 17 years.


As Principal Instructor, she teaches the Reflexology Professional Training Program at the Vital Energy Source, New York Open Center, and is known both nationally and internationally.


Ms. Coad has years of professional experience in Reflexology and teaching. She's trained in both Eastern and Western methods of Reflexology.


She's a former Director of the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB), a member of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), the New York State Reflexology Association (NYSRA), the Reflexology Association of America (RAA), the American Polarity Therapy Association (RPP) and is a licensed massage therapist in both New York and Florida.


Wendy's teaching brings enthusiasm, a good deal of humor and a passion for the amazing system of bodywork that is Reflexology.


An Educator for 27 years, she's been teaching classes and workshops for business and learning centers including Viacom, New York University, Queens & York Universities (Canada), the New York Open Center, the Learning Annex, the Seminar Center and the Omega Institute. She has also made various media appearances including Metro TV and the Gary Null Show


Wendy has been successfully in private practice in New York City since 1991.


"My students call me an amazing teacher,

an imparter of wisdom."


"I've been teaching for over 27 years. But I've never considered it work because I love to share what I know. I believe that everyone can have a better life through Reflexology. Nothing could be better than the life I'm living."





Get a " FOOT" HOLD on Reflexology




is a Very Rewarding Career



The Next 30 Days

Can Change Your Life!







** General Characteristics of a "Typical Reflexologist"**


If you were to survey the field, you'd probably find that the "typical" reflexologist is a middle-aged female. There are many younger reflexologists and men who practice, but, like the majority of complementary and alternative healers, you'll find the field is populated predominantly by women. This is probably because reflexology is suited to the type of person who is looking for self-employment. Many women are looking for just that - a profession that is geared towards helping others, profitable and flexible enough to accommodate family and life-style preferences.


The average reflexologist has been practicing for about 10 years and most see about 10 clients per week. They know it's important to carry practice liability insurance, and, therefore, the average reflexologist has such insurance.


The majority has a private practice and conduct their sessions in a home office, although more and more reflexologists are working in professional offices alongside other health professionals. Occasional "outcalls" are made to a clients' home.


Now let's say that as an average a one-hour reflexology session costs $60. And, taking time off for holidays and special events, by doing 10 sessions a week, the annual income from a part-time reflexology practice could be as much as $30,000 per year. On average, a reflexologist will work a little less than that and generate an income of $21,000.


Most reflexologists have a four-year degree, but are earning the bulk of their income from a professional reflexology training consisting of a 200-hour program, which costs a lot less than a college degree.


Impassioned and empowered by what reflexology can do, a lot of practitioners add at least 300 hours of additional training, bringing their education levels closer to 500 hours of reflexology training. Those additional hours of training are gained through attendance at workshops and continuing education classes, as well as conferences held by the state, national and international associations.


Reflexologists work for as many years as they choose: 1) because it's easy to do and 2) requires so little effort from their own physical body. The use of a variety of thumb / finger movements and pressures is all that's necessary to create an infinite variety of sessions.


All reflexologists know that it is important to check with their clients intermittently throughout the session regarding the client's pressure preferences. There's no need to use tools, but occasionally using a light lotion during a session can eliminate undue effort/friction on the practitioners' hands.


With reflexology it's also easy to apply adjunct therapies like Reiki or/and massage in combination with working on the feet. Increasingly, practitioners are incorporating reflexology on the hands, ears and face to create sessions that more address their clients' individual needs.


All reflexologists follow a code of ethics and a standard of practice, but don't provide psychological counseling. That doesn't mean we don't listen because we do — it's called active listening. But we don't diagnose or treat mental or physical health concerns — our focus is on giving a reflexology treatment. And, a reflexologist will often give clients homework for self-help and will refer them to other health care providers on an "as-needed" basis.


Reflexology follows a combination of the stress reduction, medical and energy models. In addition, a reflexologist also knows that there are contraindications that always have to be considered throughout the course of treatment.


The level of satisfaction with a reflexology practice fluctuates from "very" to "extremely" satisfied and many reflexologists become involved in the field through a variety of local, national and international reflexology organizations.




Dear Wendy,


You have been making the experience of studying Reflexology not only highly informative and thorough but a lot of fun as well. You are a gifted teacher.


Many thanks and good wishes.


Denny E.


















  • Everything you want to know, need to be learning or have already learned (but can't remember it all!) in one place. You can review it over and over again.


  • You're learning from a master Reflexologist — someone who has taught and lectured to thousands over the last 27 years.


  • Step-by-step instructions on how to find and work all the reflex points on the feet — whether you've ever given any reflexology before or not.


  • All the tricks Wendy uses to offer the best sessions in the easiest way possible, with the least amount of effort for the best results.


  • Learn from a former board member of the American Reflexology Certification Board (1999 until 2007) - Wendy knows the field inside and out!

  • Listen to Wendy's actual live and in-class lectures


  • Learn the reflexology details of each organ system of the body


  • Get dozens of tips to make reflexology easy to do and a pleasure to receive.


  • It's not hard to do if you

-          know how to do the techniques right

-          have all the strategies and tools

-          understand when to use what movements


  • Gain more confidence as a practitioner - which can exponentially increase your credibility.


  • Help you to become an expert in the field of reflexology, therefore attracting more clients.


  • Everything you need to know to give great and effective reflexology sessions is all in one place (ready for you to review over and over as you need it!).


  • Use this information to earn extra income for full- or part-time practice.


  • Help you get started on a meaningful career change.


  • Try reflexology out! If you've been thinking of going into the complementary medicine / holistic health profession, you can try this out to get a head start before committing to more expensive programs.


  • It's so satisfying to help people with reflexology. Reflexology helps people to relax and offers amazing stress relief. When stress is minimized, the body can be more efficient at healing itself. 


  • Save money! By using these reflexology techniques on yourself, family and friends, you can save thousands of dollars that you might have paid others for holistic health services.









9 DVDís — (27-30) minutes each

9 CDís — (45-55) minutes each

100+ page Action Guide


Nothing else as comprehensive is offered anywhere in the world


It's a full 6 day in-class Workshop in a Kit!


The subject is Reflexology, a holistic bodywork technique that applies thumb and finger "walking" pressure to specific contact points on the feet to effect positive change in the body. It supports optimum function of all the organ systems through intensive relaxation and stress relief. 


I've filmed 4 and 1/2 hours of technique demonstrations. There is approximately nine hours of audio (including history, theory and practice sequences) AND a 100+ page workbook!


  • There are 4 1/2 hours of detailed demonstrations


  • Approximately 9 hours of audio information.

  • Follow along with one of Wendy's live, interactive and hugely popular classes.

  • Dozens of maps of the reflexes, the feet and the systems of the body.


  • Dozens of photographs of the hand positions best suited to find and work the reflexes on the feet in order to support all the systems of the body.


  • An " action guide" of well over a hundred pages to help you take notes, track and review the necessary materials.



Audio and Action Guides:


Here's a sneak peak at the hundreds of practical and powerful tips that are jam-packed into the Reflexology Professor's

DVD's, CD's and Action Guides.


1- Dozens of reflexology maps to show where each and every system of the body is "reflexed" on the feet. This is what Reflexology is all about and what separates this holistic practice from all other methods and systems.


2- Photos of each of the Reflexology "relaxation" techniques as well as the hand position for the "warm-up" part of the session. (I like to call this "dessert" — only in Reflexology can you benefit from having "dessert" before the "main course!").


3- Photos guide you to all the reflex points — images which will help you find and remember the hand positions for the each of the "organ reflex" points.


4- The 5 Reflexology techniques - you'll see each of them described and demonstrated in detail.


5-  The "5 Zone Theory" - The first steps to understanding Reflexology and how it works begins with the "5 Zones". This information alone can be used for an effective session sequence. You'll be learning this and much, much more...


6-  How to document your client sessions. The only way to chart the progress of both you and your client is through basic documentations and note-taking. It's the goal of every Reflexologist to help their client and this is a "must know" part of the process.


7- Practitioner ergonomics and body mechanics. If you want to work to the maximum effectiveness and efficiency and not even feel tired from doing it, you must know how to position your body safely for leverage and working positions.


8- Common Foot Pathologies - Although we don't prescribe, treat or diagnose medical conditions, Reflexologists will see some common foot pathologies. You'll need to know what to expect and what course you should take when you come upon these.


9- The Bones of the Foot. What a fascinating study the bones of the feet are! All of our work can be done on just the feet alone. Being the location of our work but not the destination for the amazing effects of the Reflexology system, the bones of the feet are essential for charting our way.


10- The reflexes located on the inside, outside and top of the foot - there are reflex maps on all surfaces of the foot. We look at the "reflex" connection to our body's major support structures (i.e., the back, hips and shoulder reflexes) so that we know where and how to work these areas as a very important part of responsible reflexology.


11- Tools and accessories and what should we do about them. Discover the answers to questions about what not to use and why.


12-  Reflexology Ethics and Standards - As a profession, all Reflexologists are bound by the Ethics & Standards that have been agreed upon within the field. Proceed at your own peril if you don't know these.


13- There are plenty of exercises that we can teach our clients to support the free expression of the foot - and those include the "range of motion techniques" that are demonstrated for you here.


14- What would any field be without research? Learn more about the current trends as well as what the past has proven about the effectiveness of reflexology.


            15- The professional abbreviations every reflexology needs to know for good note-taking.


            16- Common anatomical terms that are useful to know and that will help you communicate with others in the field.


            17- A bibliography — there are now hundreds of books on reflexology. Here is a sampling that will make your library both current and relevant.


18- History, from ancient to contemporary — knowing the past gives us a better view of the future. You'll hear about the fascinating legacies left by those who came before.


19- Reflexology concepts - These are the ones that every Reflexologist needs to know.


20- What about contraindications? Does Reflexology have any and what are they? Again a "must know" for any Reflexologist.


21- You'll learn about energy pathways and Zone Therapy — the precursor to modern day Reflexology. Knowing this alone gives you an amazing advantage in the field.


22- The Zone map of the feet described and illustrated so you can use this for premier therapeutic benefits.


23- In addition, there's an all important landmark map of the foot. Without this, you can easily miss your mark and your best efforts will be wasted.


24-  And much, much more...



In this series, you'll learn the reflex points and areas for these specific organ systems:


1- digestive system; stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, small intestine, large intestine, ileocecal valve


2- urinary system; kidneys, ureters, bladder


3- respiratory system; diaphragm, lungs, bronchials, sinuses


4- circulatory system; heart


5- skeletal system; spine, neck, shoulders, arms, hips, legs, knees, ribs


6- sensory system; eyes, ears


7- reproductive system; ovaries, testes, uterus, prostate, fallopian tube, vas deferens, breast


8- endocrine system; pituitary, pineal, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, ovaries, testes


9- lymphatic system; spleen, thymus, auxiliary lymph, groin lymph 


10- central nervous system: Brain and spine


11- reflexes on the dorsum of the foot: breast, chest, lung, lymph, shoulder, ribs, abdominal muscles, fallopian tube, vas deferens






DVD content:

1. Reflexology Relaxation Techniques — "Warming Up the Foot"


Relaxing the foot      

Relaxing the ankle

Lung press "relaxing the heads of the metatarsals"

Diaphragm press "relaxing below the heads of the metatarsals"

Toe rotations

Spinal twist "relaxing the medial aspect of the foot"


2. "Important Landmarks of the Foot, The 5 Zones  and The 5 Reflexology Techniques"


            Pelvic Line                                         

                        Diaphragm Line

                        Waist Line                              

                        Neck and Shoulder Line                       

                        Tendon Line Thumb Walking 



Thumb walking                                  

            Flexion on a point

            Rotation on a point

            Hook in and back up

            Finger walking

3. "Beginning the Reflexology Session — Reflexes located on the Hindfoot"


           Holding the Solar Plexus Reflex

           Relaxation Technique Review

           The Reproductive Reflexes

           The Large and Small Intestine Reflexes


4. "Reflexes Located on The Arch of the Foot"


           Stomach Reflex

           Pancreas Reflex

           Spleen Refle

           Kidney Reflex

           Bladder Reflex

           Ureter Reflex

           Liver Reflex

           Gallbladder Reflex

           Adrenal Reflex


5. "Reflexes on the Ball of the Foot, the Lateral Side of the Foot and the Neck Reflex"


           Heart Reflex

           Bronchial Reflex

           Lung Reflex

           Shoulder Reflex

           Leg, Hip, Knee, Arm and Shoulder Reflexes

           Ear and Eye Reflexes

           Neck Reflex



6. "Reflexes on the Toes and the Sciatic Nerve Reflex"


           Sciatic Nerve Reflex

           Head, Brain and Neck Reflexes

           Thyroid and Parathyroid Reflexes

           Sinus Reflexes



7. "Range of Motion, Spine and Endocrine Reflexes"


           Range of Motion Between Leg and Foot

           Spinal Reflex

           Endocrine System Reflexes:

                Pituitary, Pineal and Hypothalamus

                Thyroid and Parathyroid Reflexes

                Thymus Reflex

                Adrenal Reflex

                Pancreas Reflex

                Ovary and Testes Reflexes


8. "Reflexes on the Dorsal Aspect of the Foot"


           Dorsum of the Toes

           Upper and Lower Lymph Reflexes

           Breast, Chest and Lung Reflex

           Rib and Abdominal Muscles Reflexes

           Groin Lymph and Fallopian Tube & Vas Deferens Reflexes



9. "The General Session Sequence — Tying It All Together"


           Solar Plexus Reflex

           Relaxation Techniques

           Reproductive Reflexes

           Pelvic and Sciatic Reflexes

           Abdominal Reflexes "the 5 Zones"

           Thoracic Reflexes

           Reflexes on the Lateral Side of the Foot

           Sensory Reflexes

           Head Zone Reflexes

           Dorsum Reflexes

           Reflexes on the Medial Side of the Foot

           Relaxation Techniques

           Solar Plexus Reflex



Imagine Yourself Having a Lucrative,

Fulfilling Career in the Healing Arts!



  • Your instructor has over 27 years of teaching experience
  • Learn / study in the convenience of your home
  • No need to travel or pay for hotel and meal costs
  • Most comprehensive instruction anywhere
  • A highly professional training
  • View and listen to the DVD's and CD's over and over again, either in their entirety or just the parts you want to review.
  • Hear it, see it, read it — this course appeals to all learning styles, visual, auditory, and is demonstration-based.


The price  for this Full Master Reflexology Course is Only $497.00 but for a limited time, I am offering it at a special introductory price of just $297.00.

*Note: cost of the same information if taken in person

in a class would be $750

(not to mention your travel expenses)









Full color maps

of the feet


These beautiful full color foot maps are suitable for framing - you'll love all the detail.










"Reflexology History, Mystery and Secrets", the professor's popular review of reflexology though the ages.


Essential tips - for understanding the basics principles for of the practice of reflexology.







Special (PDF) Report:

How to Generate More Reflexology Income:


 5 Easy Tips






Access to Professor's next

Reflexology TeleSeminar 5 Part Series


with a


option at the end of each call.









Reflexology Newsletter


Read by Reflexologists Around the World







That's a Total Value Of









500 410 362 237 142 99 50







foot factor program 











Search as extensively as you wish — it'll confirm the admiration you'll come to have for this program, and how lucky you are to have access to it.


Reflexology has — at this time, in this moment — provided me with a window into such a unique and honorable healing field when so many others have gates up at every turn.


The percentage of gifted healers that have found their way through the gates set up by western medical schools is, unfortunately, very small. Reflexology is one of the few sciences that remain accessible — and for those of us who desire to be trained - Wendy Coad has amassed a more encompassing program than any other you'll find.


R.F. ~ Industrial Real Estate Portfolio Manager



"A window opens....Thank you for being the window." ~ Linda K.



"Wendy - your passion and energy are contagious. Keep on spreading your infinite wisdom. Thank you for being a great mentor..." ~ Marie



"Wendy, Thank you very much for all you gave us". ~ Michiko



"I appreciate you for being so generous. You're a person and teacher who has made learning a rewarding experience on many levels for me..."

~ Sondra



"Thanks not only for the rich information and techniques, but for your beautiful self. You bring so much energy and enthusiasm and excitement and intelligence and warmth and humor (whew!) to the class. It's been a delight being here. I love when the educational process is stimulating, relaxed and enjoyable - LIKE A REFLEXOLOGY SESSION! Thank you." ~ Narani



"Wendy, thank you with all my heart. You're a great teacher! What a big door you help me to open. God bless you". ~ Patricia



"Wendy, thank you for the most spunky, sweet, intelligent, compassionate teaching on our roots to the earth, aka our feet. Thank you for reminding me to face my fear and RUN WITH IT!! What you have created for yourself is an inspiration and motivator to me." ~ Irene



"Thanks for adding color to my life". ~ Brenda B.



"Wendy - Thank you so much for the information and inspiration!! Onward & Upward". ~ Sue



"Wendy dear, you're the greatest! What a splendid fun and completely interesting time! You're so delightfully entertaining. I feel so well prepared for feet." ~ Chris



"Wendy, You are a wonderful person, I have really been blessed to have found this program that lead me to you. You have so to offer and I am very thankful for all that you have shared with me". ~ Deana



"I'm so glad that I got to know Reflexology. It's very helpful and useful in everyday life. I'm very grateful that I can help myself and people that are close to me". ~ Margarita B.



'It is so amazing that I can make a difference in a few minutes by pressing on the right reflexes". Margarita B.



"Thanks for helping me make a dream come true. I've loved reflexology for a very long time. Thanks to you , I'm a "reflexologist". You make it easy and interesting. I'm very grateful God put you in my path. All the best to you."


 "It is one of my fortunes to study in your class. Unfortunately, my language problem bothered  me to understand fully what you taught. However, your kind attention encouraged me to finish this course successfully. Thank you very much."


 "Thanks again for getting me excited about my career again and introducing me to a deeply beautiful connecting way to work with people."


"Thank you for being a fab teacher and easing me back into my first steps as a student again. You make learning fun and respectful."


"Once again, thank you for everything. The training was marvelous and your generosity and support are unforgettable."


"For nearly ten years, Wendy Coad has provided me with professional care that has been reassuringly consistent, wonderfully comforting and powerfully healing. Wendy's extensive practical knowledge combined with her keen natural intuition have remedied many of my life's challenges, resulting in physical freedom and relief that has gotten me on a much sounder footing, both physically and mentally.


For many years I wore restrictive and uncomfortable footwear on my very wide feet. At Wendy's urging, I finally found appropriate footwear. The difference it made in my physical comfort, along with the other work I've done with Wendy has helped me on a much healthier, happier way of life. Most significantly, Wendy encouraged me to pursue my yoga practice that has helped me finally feel right in my skin.


I think of working with Wendy as a true turning point in my life. Wendy's healing hands have been instrumental in facilitating some of my biggest and best life changes. She has provided comfort and relief during very hard times and all of her methods and treatments have been given in a genuinely considerate and loving way.


Finally, the quality of relaxation that Wendy's work provides is so good that I find it difficult to put into words. It's better than even the best night's sleep and more refreshing than a week in the country. She has truly improved my quality of life in every respect.


~ Gerry Eaderesto, NYC



I had taken other bodywork classes before, but I had never considered pursuing a full training program before Reflexology. This had as much to do with my interest in the modality as it did with Wendy Coad's professionalism and nurturing spirit.  Wendy offers her students a significant breadth of knowledge concerning both Western medicine and alternative health theories. Upon this foundation she encourages her students to explore and inquire as far as their curiosity will take them. Frequently, discussions in the class would broaden my paradigm of Reflexology and the act of healing overall. Wendy possesses a unique talent for creating an atmosphere of true learning free of judgment and boundaries. The skills and knowledge I have come away with have been as useful in a healing session as it has been it other areas of my life. Wendy's course was not only a thorough training in reflexology — it also gave me a fuller appreciation of the human body and spirit. I am currently poised to begin a reflexology practice in New York City with skills and confidence I acquired learning with Wendy.


~ Glen Parker - Event Coordinator



I'll tell you a story that was relayed to me by a former student who's a nurse.  She currently heads the Complementary Care Department at a large hospital complex on New York's Long Island.


A group of nurses, from the hospital, have trained in a variety of different modalities, including Anma Massage and Imagery visualization techniques. I was contacted to work privately with a few of these nurses to teach them my Full Certification Training Program in Foot Reflexology. After the class ended I was pleased that they went on to become Nationally Certified with the American Reflexology Certification Board.


A year later I had the pleasure of consulting them on a Reflexology Program to reach even more nurses. It turns out that of all the techniques they've learned, all far more time consuming and expensive, they primarily offer Reflexology to their patients. As explained to me, the Reflexology approach is not complicated. And it's the easiest to give. There's not a lot of positioning or even need for initial strategizing. They can quickly begin to work and provide deep relaxation in a short period of time. And most patients ask specifically for it.


Of course, my heart sang. Most responses from the patients were requests to come back soon (i.e., every day!) That's why we hope to train more of their colleagues. There's so much benefit achieved, but for now too few who can give it.


Ií'll add my part (the world according to Wendy), relaxation helps your body in its healing processes. Stress, which has a negative impact on a large percentage of illness, can get in the way of the body getting well. Therefore, it stands to reason that, if you're relaxed and stress has been reduced in any amount, your body's efforts to get well are supported. Ill health can be stressful. Hospitals can be stressful. Injury, surgery, rehabilitation, heck... life can be stressful. Reflexology helps reduce the effects of stress.


Here's another added benefit, as relayed by this former student and gifted Reflexologist. The family of a patient who was seen receiving Reflexology indicated that previous complaints about general care were no longer relevant. What they perceived as they watched was an appreciated quality of care. And (in the world according to Wendy), they're darn right.


In fact, most studies, conducted world wide, indicate that patients who receive Reflexology report an improvement in the quality of their life.


This is not limited to patients in hospitals but also clients, friends, family and yourself.


~ Wendy Coad



"Thank you Wendy.  I have been registered for your newsletter.  I am thrilled to be part of your pioneering journey with reflexology." ~ Irene



Dear Wendy,


Thank you for sharing your commitment to Reflexology... your knowledge — with patience and enthusiasm. See you in class.






Hello Wendy,
What a fun and inspiring weekend this was! I can't wait to incorporate more meridian work into my reflexology. Thank you again for this amazing workshop. Although I new about meridians before, something clicked now and I see the bigger picture...
With best regards,
Birgit J.





Certainly, you can share my comments in whatever media you choose.  Reflexology is like peeling back layers, by asking this simple question it peeled back yet another layer I wasn't even aware of, always amazed by this modality.


Thanks Wendy —







You taught a wonderful and inspiring class.  I feel very fortunate to have practiced reflexology under such a fine teacher and with such a wonderful set of classmates.


Best wishes,




Morning Wendy,


I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening last night.  As Diane (April) commented afterward, "It was the best two hours I've ever spent."


And I second that.  Even though I had hoped more members would have joined us, I found the intimate atmosphere of last night's gathering added a special quality to the highly informative content.  We''ll certainly want you back for an encore!


Again, thank you for your dedication to reflexology and to sharing your knowledge with us in order to make us all better business people.


All the best,





"Wendy - It was wonderful to take your class this weekend. Thank you so much for being you.



Elizabeth W.



"My Dad suffered a stroke last August. The stroke was a severe stroke, which affected his left side. His left arm and leg were left paralyzed as a result. I arrived in Ireland 7 days after his stroke and once I had spoken with the doctors and had their approval I begin to work on my Dads feet and hands.


I began by gently touching the feet and doing some warms ups.  I had Wendy's voice in the back of my mind  reminding me not to dive straight in but to begin by just getting to know the feet and starting with some warm ups.  My dad was extremely tired and was still suffering from mild headaches and so I was only able to work on him for a short time to begin with. I noticed that the skin on his toes were extremely dry and peeling on both feet. This continued to happen for a couple of weeks and then stopped.


I continued with the warm ups for the first 5 days lengthening the sessions each day. After 5 days, I felt confident enough to begin working the reflexes. I was unsure of where to start and what to focus on (apart from the brain) as the stroke had affected in some way or another all of my Dads systems.  Again using my notes and having Wendy's voice in my head I started doing a general session using very light pressure. I continued this on a daily basis applying more pressure each day but always within my Dads threshold. After 5 days, I was working on my Dads feet for 1 hour every day. I could see changes in my Dad after day 15 or so, he seems less tired, his color had come back, most of his systems had returned to normal function.


The amazing part of this is story is that after about day 15 or so of doing the sessions and up until I left to return to New York my Dad advised he was feeling sensations like pins and needles in his left arm and left leg during and after the reflexology sessions.  During one session, in particular he advised that he had experienced a sensation like 'shooting pins and needles up his left leg. This was amazing as when I had finished the session my sister and I could see his right leg move slightly almost like twitching. My dad said this sensation had continued for a long while after the session had ended.  During another session my Dad advised a sensation like an electric shock running up and down his left leg during and after the reflexology sessions. Almost after every session, I would see myself that his toes, foot or the entire leg would move or twitch. At this point, my Dads doctors had advised us that it was unlikely that he would regain the movement of his left leg and arm as it was now over 3 weeks after his stroke and that the signs were not good. I continued to work on my Dad (at this stage I was confident and really worked the brain, endocrine, spinal and heart reflexes everyday) and refused to believe what the doctors were saying as I could clearly see the response of his left leg and arm to the daily reflexology sessions. When I returned to New York, I arranged for a local reflexologist to see my dad regularly.


I spent over 4 weeks working on my Dad feet and hands every day. It was an amazing journey for my Dad and me. I witnessed first hand everything Wendy had spoken about during the course. Reflexology has amazing powerful healing effects on the body, mind and soul. I truly believe that my Dad would not be as far along in his recovery as he is today without reflexology. He continues to recover and is walking slowly with the use of a walking stick. Thank you, Wendy, for teaching such a wonderful course and for giving me the tools, knowledge and skill so that I could use this wonderful therapy to benefit my beloved Dad."


~ Jacqueline F.



Dear Wendy,


This is to thank you for the reflexology program that I recently completed.  I now have certificates from the Vital Energy Source and the New York Open Center in foot, hand, ear and face reflexology, and these four forms of bodywork will be incredibly useful in my practice as a holistic healer.

The classes have taught me the following skills [to name a few]:  basic anatomy & physiology (a subject with which I was completely unfamiliar); bodywork (also a new frontier for me) in context of the practices mentioned above; plus the basics of the business including: how to relate to the client, creating the right atmosphere for the session, the ethics of the industry, and how to handle oneself with professional decorum.


I found the classes informative, interesting and challenging. The assignments, notably the documented sessions, were demanding, but proved to be invaluable in providing a framework in which to practice my newly-acquired skills, so much so that by the time they were completed, I had a good grasp of the material and felt ready to open up shop. The proof of this was in the enthusiastic responses I received from a group of loyal guinea pigs, some of them professional body workers themselves, who not only continued to come back for sessions, but also recommended me to some of their clients and friends!


Since I am a holistic healer, and heal primarily through prayer, the two generic forms of bodywork that I now give, namely reflexology and polarity therapy, will be an adjunct to my practice, and certainly an extremely useful one.  I plan to incorporate different modalities into each session in a way that is appropriate to the client and to the particular session.  Incidentally, in working out my own challenges through prayer, I myself have been helped immeasurably by bodywork received; it has not only opened up channels within, thus enabling me to become more receptive to the prayerful work, but it also has, in some cases, healed me directly of a challenge.


To name one specific instance, I had been suffering from narcolepsy for many years.  Last summer, while taking the hand reflexology class, you taught us how to stimulate the adrenal reflexes in our hands.  I began to practice this during the class whenever I felt drowsy and found that it enabled me to stay awake for longer periods of time than ever before. Subsequently, after the class was over, I continued to practice this wherever and whenever it was needed.  This became a habit and as a result, over the following few months, the problem was healed! To say that I am grateful for this healing would be an understatement.  And by the way, as a general phenomenon, I find hand reflexology to be a very practical modality to know in that one can practice it easily on oneself and others at virtually any time, and under any circumstance.


I have found reflexology to be not only useful in and of itself, both as receiver and giver, but, in view of the fact that I had little experience prior to taking this program, learning reflexology also served as providing a great foundation for learning how to give bodywork in general.  So even if a person plans to learn another modality, such as polarity therapy or reiki, it would be extremely useful for them to study reflexology first, in the same way that musicians of different types often start out by studying classical piano as a foundation for all music.


You are an excellent and thorough teacher who obviously cares about her student.  Your ability to explain the material, the dynamic way in which you handle yourself, and the degree of student participation, both verbally and in terms of hands-on practice, kept me interested (and awake!) throughout.  You are extremely approachable and always open to suggestions from the students regarding adjustments in class format as well as logistical issues such as air flow, room setup, etc.  Last but not least, I have good reason to believe that my fellow classmates would agree that your personal warmth and your enthusiasm for reflexology are both highly contagious!


Thank you for the program — I feel privileged to have gone through it.


Many blessings to you,






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Healing The World One Foot At a Time,


Wendy Coad


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